Friday, August 31, 2007

Observation Numero Tres


Here I am doing this observation at the last minute. Totally my bad.

So in class on Wednesday, we did kind of a shortened research assignment on Lindsay Lohan. Pretty interesting. She's so dumb. I can't believe that she's getting off so easily. I think the thing that really burns me up is the fact that the judge gave her credit on her sentence for time she served for a PREVIOUS sentence. That is such crap.

(And I've just become late with this assignment)

I honestly think that a regular person would not get credit for time served for a previous crime. That is something that I've never heard of happening.

What happened to Lindsay? What happened to the cute little red headed girl from The Parent Trap? I don't understand how these celebrities that seem to have everything need to turn to drugs and alcohol to solve their "problems." Let them come to South Carolina, and I'll show them some real problems. Hunger, poverty, homelessness. If they want to blow some money, donate to charity!

But anyways... again I've gone off on random tangents... I see a trend for the semester.

Holler back world... w00t w00t!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Observation Numero Dos

Welcome back.

Monday in class we discussed the Toulmin Method of analyzing claims. Pretty tedious if you ask me. Not really useful for how I write.

I'm much more of a "I'm gonna stare at this blank computer screen until something comes to me" kind of writer. Maybe that's why I find it so difficult to write. I don't really "draft" anything. Hmm... things to think on before I really get into the writing in this class...

My group is pretty cool. Becca is nice. We are in band together. The others seem nice too.

Tupac is pretty cool too. He says a lot of good things in his song "Changes".

I <3 music in general. I don't think there is any other art form that can make you think as much as music can. From the actual instrumental music, to the lyrics artists choose to sing, music is truly the greatest of the arts (w00t to KKPsi!).

Anyways... there are just a few of my randomly thrown together thoughts.

Holler back world... w00t w00t!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Observation Numero Uno

Well... Friday in class we talked about the learning record... It's actually a pretty good idea if you ask me. It makes it really easy to keep all your work together in one place. But I think it could have been designed a little more user friendly. You have to go in and copy and paste these random boxes if you want to put new work into it. Why not already have all the boxes you need? Hmm???

So, overall... Learning record - not totally BAMF, but not totally BS either.

Umm... what else?

Oh. Missy did a pretty good job keeping us entertained. She played Tupac in class, which makes her way more BAMF than the Learning Record. Her lecture was really good too. We talked about the basics of argument. We pretty much came to the conclusion that no one knows how to argue properly.

And that's really not that surprising.

There is so much ignorance in the world. So many close minded people. If everyone in the world took a second to examine their own personal beliefs and really figure out why they believe what they do, the world would be a much better place. Informed people make me smile.

And I include myself in the previous statements. I'm not immune from ignorance.

Holler back world... w00t w00t!


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